5 Copywriting Tips To Make It Look More Attractive

5 Copywriting Tips To Make It Look More Attractive

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a technique of creating and writing marketing materials. With the right copywriting, we can persuade the audience to take the desired action. For example, buying a product or using a service, subscribing to a newsletter, and so on.

Copywriting Purpose?

The purpose of Copywriting is to invite the target to take a certain action. In the world of advertising and marketing Copywriting acts as a strategy to represent a brand.

The first step to Copywriting?

Learn about the products or services we provide.
Understand audience needs.
Choose a headline that attracts a lot of people.
Support headlines with compelling Leads.
Write quality copy.
End with persuasion.

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Types of Copywriting

  • Direct Response Copywriting, a type of copywriting that functions to get direct responses from the audience.
  • Marketing Copywriting, Focusing on offering products, services and providing consumer solutions and conveying product benefits.
  • Brand Copywriting, Serves to convey and introduce a brand.
  • SEO Copywriting, aims to attract attention and position content on Google, so that what is written must meet SEO rules.
  • Technical Copywriting, Provides a deeper understanding of how a product or service works.

Then how do you make Copywriting look more attractive to the audience? Here are 5 tips from us:

Get to know the product

We must know in advance the product or service that we will offer well. Starting from the description and what benefits consumers will get if they buy or use the services we offer. And don’t forget to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the products we offer.

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Determine the type of writing

For video promotions on Youtube, articles, or advertisements on social media, the number of words you can use can be quite long depending on the duration. As for social media, the words used should not be too long. For example on Instagram, you only need to write 150 words for copywriting.

Interesting Slogan

Make an attractive slogan that you can insert in the form of hashtags in all types of copywriting that you will make. An example of a slogan you can use #StartNow #Growing Up.

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Sentences are short, concise, and clear

On average, potential customers are only interested in seeing or hearing product promotions with a duration of less than 10 seconds. So, you really have to use the right choice of words as concisely as possible but still attract attention.

Word writing

Don’t forget to use simple word choices that many people can understand. Because if you use simple word choices, it can make consumers interested and memorable.

Learning Copywriting will never end, because there will be more things we have to learn. Fortunately, now you understand what Copywriting is.

However, we can hone our ability about copywriting by continuing to practice. Use the tips in this guide whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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