Top 10 Classic Animal Movies with Moral Lessons

Top 10 Classic Animal Movies with Moral Lessons

The beginning of the century brought animation to a level that was never before. Globalization not only took away the reading stories to children but it also brought about a breach of morality and ethics in cartoons that were vulgar and indecent cartoons to entertain us. 

There are some cartoons children are able to watch comfortably and a lot are considered classics. Animals have always been a popular subject for children when it comes to cartoons.

 Maybe because kids don’t encounter a lot of animals like lions and mice and tigers, they love to watch them move across their screen. Here is a list of the top ten Classic Animal Movies; The animal-themed cartoons may not teach your kids respect or submission- however, they will be taught lessons about perseverance, sacrifice, determination and self-belief.

1. 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is one of my personal favorites. Because the film dates back to the 1960s decade the film doesn’t seem to be old-fashioned. 

The story is about a dog that is adopted by an unmarried bachelor as a partner (yes it made us smile as well!). The dog Pongo ultimately meets Perdita who is the master who becomes his bachelor’s wife. Together, they birth 15 puppies. The remainder of the story revolves around their bond and the search to find these puppies who get taken away. Children can discover the concept of responsible social behavior through this film.

 They will be able to understand that what happens to your dog can impact other pups too.

2. Charlotte’s Web

Another G rated film, Charlotte’s Web was released almost fifty years ago, but it is still watched by many due to its status as an iconic classic. The story is about the web-spinning spider Charlotte who stops an ox from becoming dinner plate by spinning a spider’s web. The film is about the subjects of birth, joy friendship, death and birth. 

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It is an excellent opportunity for kids trying to understand the concept of sacrifice, and families who wish for their children to understand the concept of sacrifice. By saving a spider like a pig children discover that size doesn’t have any significance and that all things have an opinion regardless of how small.

3. Free Willy

The PG film was released in 1993.

It focuses on the bond between the boy and the whale. Whales are the biggest animals in the world and witnessing the 12-year-old boy in contact with the whale is an experience that kids love and admire while watching this film. The boy is slapped by the whale’s tanks for art work.

However, he is able to make friends with the enormous whale. It’s hilarious to watch the whale’s tongues. Together, they form an intimate relationship that is both thrilling and touching. Madsen is a great father in this film, which will be something that the parents who watch the film are sure to appreciate. It shows us the value of friendship and freedom-a idea that could be useful in the present.

4. Babe

Babe is a G-rated film that debuted in 1995. It’s about a pig who thinks it is sheepdog. The movie is Australian (we ought to have guessed due to it being a sheep) and the protagonist is charming. Parents love the confidence displayed by the animal, even though animals aren’t able to talk. 

Children love movies since it’s rare to witness an animal such as the porcine character playing the part of an animal (maybe because dogs turn their heads but the pigs don’t). In the end, the pig knows what it is that is being shown during a sheep race, which gives viewers a couple of hours of entertainment and fun.

5. Into the West

The PG film Into the West was also released in the year 1992. If you’re looking to take horses sound like mickeys who are seen in cinemas or sleeping in apartments, and riding through elevators, this is the film for you. Two brothers are gifted an exquisite white horse from their grandfather who was a gypsy. 

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They take it to their humble home in Dublin which is then sold by an untrustworthy policeman. The children save the horse, and then return it to its original home by the ocean! They leave the concrete city for nature and the Irish countryside. 

This is particularly appealing to children who prefer to stay in their houses and don’t realize that the value of air freshness, fresh air and openness. It’s a great reward for parents who wish to help their children understand the value of family and sacrifice.

6. My Dog Skip

It was released in the year 2000. My Dog Skip is a PG graded film for children. Willie Morris was an editor for Harper’s Magazine and the film is loosely inspired by those childhood moments. It’s about the relationship of a boy who is not athletic with his dog who is given to him on his birthday, which is his ninth. 

The story that follows is one of acceptance and friendship of each other. The thing that parents love about this film is the way it is connected to real life and that there aren’t any talking animals or flying horses. It’s so easy to tell the story to children if the animals don’t speak! The children love the sly actions of Jack Russell. Jack Russell terrier.

7. Shiloh

It is PG Rated. A little boy from an isolated town in the south is forced to save a tiny beagle from its owner who is abusive. Parents will appreciate this film because it is a good choice in the sense that there’s no profanity or obscenity. There’s nothing vulgar, however there are some intense scenes, like abuse or pushing the dog. Additionally, there’s absolutely no violence. The children love the relationship that the dogs have with young boy.

8. Stallion of the Cimarron

Spirit is an excellent film that parents don’t need their children’s film that is diluted through talking animals. The films are told through the eyes of a horse, but there isn’t much dialogue. 

A wild stallion gets captured by humans and is sold to a cavalry, where the horse refuses to be trained and fights to get his freedom. Together, the wild mustang as well as the Dakota Red Indian win their freedom from the British cavalry who defend their Railroad route. This is a G-rated film, but children may get angry watching horse’s struggle. This is particularly the case for children aged 8-9 years old. 

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Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron was released in 2002. The values that parents want to impart to their children can be very different. But we believe that every parent would like their child to get the most value from the film they are watching. The above-mentioned films are considered to be the true classics from their time and even for future generations.

9. Stuart Little

It’s an PG film that is rated for short dialogue and is about a family going to an orphanage in order to adopt one of their family members and is eventually adopted by an animal that is”the “master” of the family’s pet cat Snowbellwhich doesn’t enjoy it in any way. George is the boy of the family.

He is not as welcoming to his brother at the beginning, but Stuart is able to win the hearts of everyone, showing that sometimes the smallest things can be amazing. Parents are drawn to tiny white mice playing with their children. What is interesting for me is watching the lead character from House M.D playing in the movie, but in the role of a completely different character.

10. Two Brothers

It is an emotional film where two Brothers are separated from each other as cubs, and later reunited by fate as adversaries. A hunter, Pearce, forces them to fight one another. 

The film is graded 3/10 for sexuality and nakedness and includes scenes in which a tiger attempts to take on a female tiger, and ultimately is successful. Rated 5/10 for violence and gore, and 6/10 for intense scenes. Two Brothers has been rated PG however it is thought to be too intense for children. 

It is nevertheless a stunning film, which was released in 2004.

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