Top 10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Women in the World

It’s often difficult to locate these beautiful women, as they are typically only recognized in their respective countries. We’ve compiled the top 10 stunning Indonesian women that you’re not sure about and put together a detailed guide to help you find them. Indonesian women are famous by their beautiful looks and grace.

However, many of them are unnoticed in the outside world of Indonesia. This article is aimed at introducing several of the stunning Indonesian women that you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting. If you’re a fan Indonesian culture or are just searching for gorgeous women to admire this group of women will satisfy your desires. Indonesian women are among the most gorgeous women around the globe.

Here are 10 of the most stunning Indonesian women you’ve not known about. You may not know these ladies but they’re the most beautiful women in Asia. They’re all artists, models, and actresses who have been nominated for a variety of beauty awards in the last several years. This list isn’t an assessment of beauty – it’s a celebration of 10 stunning women that you should to learn more about

1. Maria Selena

Maria Selena is one of the most gorgeous Indonesian women. She was named Puteri Indonesia 2011 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. Maria Selena is also an actress who has appeared in numerous films. Her stunning beauty was recognized as the the queen of hearts on a variety of dating sites.

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2. Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf is a stunning Indonesian woman. She’s been acting and modeling since she was just a teenager, and her career has grown since when she started. She has appeared in numerous commercials and magazines and has even appeared in music videos. Her beautiful features, gorgeous face and beautiful curves make her one of Indonesia’s most sought-after Indonesian models.

3. Kamidia Radisti

Kamidia Radisti is a well-known Indonesian model and actress who has been featured in numerous successful films. Radisti is born in East Java, Indonesia in 1984. The actress has been an Indonesian beauty pageant contestant and also the winner of the 2007 Miss Indonesia title.

Kamidia Radisti was an athlete who was a swimmer. She began her career as a presenter on TV and then began her career as an actor in the year 2008 when she appeared in the movie The Shaman.

4. Gita Gutawa

Gita Gutawa is an Indonesian musician and singer. She has been awarded numerous awards such as an Astra Award for Best Female Artist in 2007 as well as the famous Anugerah Musik Indonesia for Best Popular Song in 2012.

Gutawa is well-known for her soulful voice and emotional lyrics. She often writes songs influenced by her own personal experiences and experiences, making her music extremely relevant to her followers.

Gutawa has also been an activist in the political arena and has spoken out against human rights violations and corruption in her country of birth. She has been a vocal opponent of President Joko Widodo’s administration and has been active in advocating for a referendum on the limits on presidential terms

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. Gita Gutawa is an inspirational musician and performer who is vocal about human rights violations in her native homeland of Indonesia. Her music that is passionately infused is frequently inspired by her personal experiences, making it relevant to her fans all over the globe.

5. Ines Putri

Ines Putri, a well-known Indonesian woman.

She is a professional golfer. She is well-known for her imposing ability and stunning appearance. Ines Putri has also been an Indonesian beauty pageant winner. She was named Miss Indonesia 2012, the first Balinese ever to be crowned Miss Indonesia. Ines Putri is among the most gifted Indonesian women in sports. She has been awarded the Gold medal as well as the Silver Medal at the 2004 Pekan Olahraga Nasional in Bali.

6. Qory Sandioriva

Qory Sandioriva is among the most beautiful and well-known Indonesian women. The actress is also a beauty queen as well as beauty pageant title holder. Qory Sandioriva was born Jakarta, Indonesia on August 17, 1991. She was named Puteri Indonesia 2009. At present, she’s the youngest title holder in the history of Puteri Indonesia.

7. Diandra Paramita Sastro

Diandra Paramita Sstro among the most famous Indonesian women. She is a businesswoman, actress and charity worker. Additionally, she is an internationally renowned fashion model from Indonesia. She started modeling at the age of 13 years old, and was the cover girl for Gadis the most popular teenager magazine published in Indonesia.

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8. Luna Maya Sugeng

Luna Maya Sugeng is an Indonesian singer, actress and model. She is famous for her performances in the movies Cinta Silver Ruang, Jakarta Undercover as well as Pesan Dari Surga. She also has won many awards, including the Citra Award for Best Leading.

9. Pevita Pearce

Pevita Pearce is one the most gorgeous Indonesian women. Born in the year 1992, she was from Kendal, Central Java. She began modelling in the age of 16, and has been one of most well-known models.

Pearce has appeared in campaigns for top fashion brands, including Burberry as well as Michael Kors. She also has appeared in numerous television commercials, including ones that were commissioned by Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and Chevrolet. Pearce is engaged to Australian businessman Oliver Pearce, and they have two children. Pearce is an ideal spokesperson to Indonesia and is actively involved in a variety of charity projects across the country.

10. Raisa Andriana

Raisa is among the most gorgeous Indonesian women. Her name is Indonesian music producer and singer. She has a strong voice, and has performed all over Indonesia as well as in concert performances throughout the world.

Raisa is also the author of a number of albums and has performed with other artists. She has been an ideal role model for children and young girls. Her music encourages the values of humanity.

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