Top 10 Most Popular Languages in the World

To be able to be able to live in a society it is essential to share thoughts, ideas, needs and thoughts. The best method to do this is using the power of language. There are many languages around the globe. Each has its own unique characteristic music, background, tune, and rhythm. Each has its own unique flavor. However, have you […]

Top 10 Batsmen With Most Sixes in ODI Cricket

1. Shahid Khan Afridi, 351 Pakistani Pathan Boom Boom Afridi is at the top of the list, having hit 351 sixes in just 398 matches over 369 innings. He has 730 fours in his collection and an incredible striking rate of 117. He has a very disappointing average of 24. 2. Chris Gayle, 331 Gayle The

Top 10 Most Famous Mosques in Pakistan

Mosques are a place for praying and worship. Mosques first appeared in the Arabian peninsula, and today are found across every large continent. Pakistan is an Muslim Country as well. It is filled in Islamic tradition and mosques. In Pakistan they’re a major element of everyday life. Most mosques are famous for their architecture, structure

Top 10 Best Machine Guns in the World

War is the science or destruction. It is the counteractive maneuver behind enemy lines. The ancient art, War, is based on the use intelligent and strategically placed leverage. Every reaction to an action has a consequence. In the past, soldiers and battalions would have used hand-crafted spears to attack their enemy in battle.  The world has made tremendous

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