More than 5 Celebrities who Won the Lottery

Many people imagine celebrities as non-normal people, that is as if they were people who don’t do the same things we do. This is exactly where they are wrong. For example, many famous people have already won the lottery.

People think that famous people do not play the lottery. Maybe they are right because when you are famous you understand that you have already won a lot of money, so why play the lottery? But why not play? After all, all they have to do is to guess the winning lottery numbers.

Today we are going to know a little more about celebrities who have won the Lottery. Many famous people do place their bets on lottery games and even some of them have already won big money with the prizes.

And the interesting thing is that many of these famous people who won the Lottery are well known and are always in evidence in the media. They are famous people you never imagined winning a lottery prize.

Celebrities Who Won the Lottery

Okay, let’s get this list started and find out which celebrities won the Lottery in the past.

André Marques

Let’s start with one of the best known here in the country, which is the case of the presenter and actor André Marques. He even hit the corner in the long-awaited Mega da Virada, the amount won was around 4000$.


Another well-known famous, and that many people had no idea that had won a lottery prize is Madonna. She won a cash prize that was not disclosed.

In detail, this lottery is considered the biggest lottery in Italy, so it is not easy to win a prize in this game. And another very peculiar detail is that the amount earned by Madonna was donated to an institution in Africa.

Raoni Carneiro

Another famous Brazilian who won the lottery was Raoni Carneiro. This celebrity didn’t say a thing about the amount he won. So, who knows? It was maybe millions of dollars or a few thousand.

EX-BBB Paulinha

Another famous Brazilian of great prominence for having participated in an edition of the BBB was Paulinha, another lottery winner. She also won an award with Mega da Virada. The award was worth R$ 27 thousand reais, in 2013.

Damon Lindelof

Another famous man who won a humble prize with lottery games was Damon Lindelof. By the way, this guy is one of the creators of one of the most-watched series worldwide “Lost”.

As he won a lottery in Florida accompanied by over 26,000 fans, the prize value was only US$ 150.

Other Famous Winners

These are just some of the famous people who won the Lottery, but there are many others who are always playing and trying their luck.

Celebrities like Socialite “Paris Hilton”, Music Producer “Simon Cowell”, “Adam Baldwin”, “Kirstie Alley” have also won the lottery.

Besides, of course, some celebrities don’t play because they need the money; They rather place their bets to try to win a prize to help other people in need. This is the case with George Clooney.

These are just some of the famous people who, like you, are also looking for prizes in lottery games.

16 Year Old Callie Rogers

She was 16 when she won the lottery and became a millionaire. A moment after that, she quit her job and enjoyed the life.

Callie Rogers was one of the youngest people in the UK to become a millionaire after winning the lottery. The 16-year-old girl immediately quit her job and started spending money. The prize helped her so much and she was very happy of course.

Callie Rogers, the youngest ever British lottery winner, was only 16 when she won nearly £ 2 million in 2003. Before she received this humongous award, she had a job as a cashier for £ 3.60 an hour.

As Callie Rogers estimates after years, she spent about 300,000 pounds for clothes, 11 thousand pounds for plastic surgery, as well as 500 thousand pounds for gifts and unrepaid loans for family and friends, as well as 85 thousand pounds for cars. However, not all money was wasted. Callie Rogers has bought two properties: a bungalow for £ 180,000 and a house for £ 76,000 for her mother.

To sum things up, luck games can be life-changing, for the winner, for their family or even for other people. Wise management of winnings will make such a win even more interesting in the long term. Otherwise, the money will run out, and you will have to start earning a living again, after trying the lifestyle of a millionaire. So, use your prize wisely, and make it work for you instead of blowing it up on stupid stuff.

If we forgot to mention a celebrity that won the lottery, mention them in a comment.

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