5 Ways to Keep Children From the Habit of Playing Games

Playing a game is indeed very fun, especially the games that exist at this time have provided various kinds of advantages for its lovers. With graphics that are almost very similar to the original, it will make gamers even more interested in playing the game.

Not only adults, games have now penetrated into the world of children. Lots of children are getting addicted to playing games. You as a parent definitely don’t want it, just because your child’s academic achievement games are decreasing.

To prevent a decline in children’s academic performance due to playing too many games, it is necessary to do the following tips.

1. Take Time To Study

Learning can be the most effective way to reduce hours of playing games in children. But, it’s good if parents always accompany your child in learning so that your child doesn’t feel bored.

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Not only will it reduce the time playing games in children, this method can also increase the child’s academic abilities.

2. Pay More Attention to Children

Lack of parental attention and affection can be a major factor in children addicted to playing games. Due to the lack of attention from their parents, they then try to seek attention in other ways, one of which is by playing games.

The easiest way to give more attention to children is to increase our time together with the child himself. Whether it’s a place to eat or in the living room, accompanied by any chats and added with jokes so your child doesn’t feel bored.

3. Teach Children To Save

Lots of children set aside their pocket money just to play games in internet cafes. Therefore, parents must provide direction and even be able to set an example so that the child can save.
Thus, the pocket money that was used to play games at the cafe can be saved for other purposes or for the future of the child himself.

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4. Sports

Not only is it healthy for the body, I think exercise can help reduce the activity of playing games in children. Even if you are not accompanied by your parents, you can do sports with anyone like your peers.
The best time to invite children to exercise is every weekend or holiday. Because on those days children usually play games very often.

5. Bring Children Closer to Religion

Something good must start early. Likewise with religious matters, children must be educated from a young age, with this the child can know what is good and what is bad.

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Things that can be done to reduce children’s game playing time are by praying in congregation with family, reciting the Koran together and various other things related to religion. This method is very beneficial not only for parents but also for the child.

Those are the 5 Tips for Keeping Children Away from Game Addiction, I hope that the article that I have written can be useful for readers, especially parents who have similar problems.

Hopefully by following these short tips from me, your children can play games less. Even though actually playing games is very exciting, it would be nice for parents to give limits to children in playing a game.

If you have other tips, please share your own version of the tips in the comments column that we have provided. Thank you . . .

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