Top 10 Most Popular Dairy Cattle Breeds

It is among the fastest expanding live animal industry across the world and, day by day, the demands for high-quality breeds of cattle is growing. If you are a farmer it is essential to know the most well-known dairy cattle breeds across the world. From the most well-known breeds, you can choose the most suitable one based on its general traits of physical strength, efficiency, as well as production.

In my post I will go over the top ten dairy cattle breeds in across the world in a brief manner. You’ll get an overall notion of the dairy cows as well as their efficiency in production and be able to select the most of the best for your needs. The dairy sector is awash with dairy cattle, you’ll discover between 15 and 20 breeds that are exclusively suited to milk production.

However, they are not equally suitable for any region or environment. The breeds that are able to adapt to any setting without affecting performance of the animal is ideal for you.

While at the same time you’ll look at the factors that manage your mind that are less susceptible to disease and the production efficiency. Based on the characteristics of all I will categorize the top ten dairy cow breeds for you , only a few sentences.

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1. Holstein Friesian Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

It is believed that the Holstein Friesian Breed originated in Holland specifically in the provinces of North Holland and West Friesland. These two provinces are famous for their fertile soils and prolific crops. This breed is thought to be the top milk-producing cow in the world and is extensively distributed across all countries of the world. In tropical climates they are not able to perform well as they aren’t the most intolerant to heat, but crossbred cows have produced more than 46 gallons of daily milk.

Holstein Friesian is a strong and large animal, with excellent cattle and dairy characteristics. The color of the Holstein Friesian is typically black and white, with all four legs as well as the lower portion of the legs are white.

A Holstein Friesian has a broad nose and a forehead with a dished look as well as strong jaws and an elongated body. The cows are calm and calm, while bulls are known to be violent.

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The animals are massive in terms of size, and the males’ weight ranges from 800-900 kg, while females weigh 500-600 kilograms. The milk yield as well as the capacity to produce top-quality cattle in the shortest time are outstanding for the Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle breed.

Pure breeds yield between 6000 and 7000 liters of milk per lactation. In addition, the height the milk yield per lactation was recorded at 19000 liters during one lactation. The average fat content of milk is 3.6 percent with a range of 2.6 to 4.3 percentage.

Holstein Friesian Cow Weight

500-600 kilograms

Holstein Friesian Cow Height

1.5 m

Holstein Friesian Cow origin

North Holland and West Friesland

Holstein Friesian Cow milk production

7000 liters of milk per lactation

Holstein Friesian Cow lifespan

20 years

Holstein Friesian Cow price

$1,500 to $2,100.

2. Jersey Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

The Jersey is very durable and can adapt to almost any climate especially high temperatures and low maintenance intake because of its tiny dimensions. Jersey cattle breed was created at Jersy Island. Island of Jersy in the British channel. The source of this breed isn’t yet established, however it is believed to have originated from an introduction to black cattle from Britain and France before 1100 AD.

The color of the Jersey breeds vary from fawn without or with markings and is generally dark around eyes. The cows are straight with sleek toplines, straight rumps as well as sharp and slender withers. The breed is distinguished by its bright, large eyes and a wide forehead.

The head is neatly cut and proportional to the body. Jersey breeds are favored due to their ease of calving with well-shaped udders as well as the attaching udders to the body with a strong. While the yield of milk isn’t the greatest but the breed is loved across the world. There are several reasons for this popularity , such as a higher proportion in butterfats (5.3 percent) within the milk as well as in comparison with other breeds.

Heifers that are young in maturity produce calves between 26 and 30 months old and have a consistent calving interval from 12 to 13 months. A healthy herd can produce approximately 4500 liters of milk over a 300-day during the lactation time.

Jersey Cow Weight

400 kilograms

Jersey Cow Height

45–47 inches

Jersey Cow origin

Jersey Island

Jersey Cow milk production

4500 liters of milk per lactation

Jersey Cow lifespan

18 – 22 years

Jersey Cow price

$900 and $3,000

3. Ayrshire Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

Ayrshire is among the most desirable dairy breeds of cattle around the world. The distinctive characteristics include good legs and feet, as well as animated and style, as well as great grazing capability. Adult males weigh between 700-800 kg , while females weigh between 500 and 600 kg. The breed’s name comes from the region named Ayrshire in Scotland in Scotland, the place where it was created.

Colors of Ayrshire are cherry red, brown and mahogany. They are paired with white or white alone can also be observed. It is a sturdy and sturdy animal with an udder that is well-developed, and the quarters are balanced and in good form. Ayrshire is known for its distinctive curried horn that is widely distributed across the entire length.

The milk of the Ayrshire breed is averaging of 4percent fat. Although the quality of the milk is higher than that of Holstein however, the lower yield has resulted in Ayrshire being substituted by Holstein. However the champion cows can produce 12,000 liters of milk over the 305 days of lactation.

Ayrshire Cow Weight

500 to 600 kilograms

Ayrshire Cow Height

6 feet

Ayrshire Cow origin


Ayrshire Cow milk production

12,000 liters of milk per lactation

Ayrshire Cow lifespan

15-20 years

Ayrshire Cow price


4. Guernsey Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

It is believed that Guernsey is another of the most popular dairy cattle breeds that was created and named after an island that lie between France as well as England located in Guernsey, which is the English Channel Isle of Guernsey. It is believed that the cattle have come to the island by the Normandy as well as Brittany from France.

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The animal’s appearance is of fawn that has distinct white markings. with a prominent buff muzzle. Guernsey is a head that is distinctive with a good length, the Horns move forward, medium size and they have a decent length of the heat appearing until the very end. The colour of Guernsey is a golden yellow skin pigmentation. The non-haired parts of the body is light or pinkish.

Calves are small when they first appear. The milk is particularly yellow. Good herds produce around four thousand liters during lactation. The milk has 5% fat. The record for the highest production of milk in the breed’s lactation was 365 days and 13500 liters. The breed is struggling in the race against other dairy and breeds with dual-purpose.

Guernsey Cow Weight

450 to 500 kilograms

Guernsey Cow Height

54 inches

Guernsey Cow origin

United Kingdom

Guernsey Cow milk production

13500 liters of milk per lactation

Guernsey Cow lifespan

10-12 years

Guernsey Cow price


5. Brown Swiss Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

Brown Swiss is one of the oldest dairy cattle breeds indigenous of the Alps of Switzerland. The breed is extensively throughout countries like the USA, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Mexico, and South America. It is a color that is similar to Brown Swiss in brown but can also be found in lighter to dark brown.

You can tell if you have Brown Swiss cattle by a lighter color band around the muzzle, and a tongue and nose in black. They are sturdy and tough with a tendency towards the muscling that is heavy characteristic of the breed. The breed is calm and docile.

It is also easily handled. Adult males weigh around 700-800 kg while adult females weigh between 500 and 600 kg. It is considered to be a three use animal in the country, i.e., milk meat, draught, and. In a good herd, the average is 5000 liters of milk, it produces every lactation. It also has 4% fat from milk.

Brown Swiss Cow Weight

1,300-1,400 pounds

Brown Swiss Cow Height

142cm – 154cm

Brown Swiss Cow origin

United States

Brown Swiss Cow milk production

4,600 liters of milk per lactation

Brown Swiss Cow lifespan

15-20 years

Brown Swiss Cow price

$1650 to $1900

6. Milking Shorthorn Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

The dairy breed of cattle called Milking shorthorn is recognized as Dairy Shorthorn in New Zealand, Canada, and in America however it is known as Dairy Shorthorn is found in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Ireland.

The breed is a result of Great Britain, and the cattle are used in both meat and milk production, but mostly utilized for milk production. The breed is sturdy tough, durable, and well-adapted to harsh conditions and is also a great milker. It is a good milker.

Milking Shorthorn is a medium-sized animal. The coat color is usually red with occasional black or white marking inside its red-colored body. The weight ranges from 640 to 480 kg and the bull’s weight is greater than that of a cow’s. The milking Shorthorn can adapt to every climate. The cow is gentle and peaceful. The cows produce approximately 7000 liters milk during an the annual lactation period of about 305 days.

Milking Shorthorn Cow Weight

5000 to 800 Kilograms

Milking Shorthorn Cow Height

55 inches

Milking Shorthorn Cow origin


Milking Shorthorn Cow milk production

7000 liters of milk per lactation

Holstein Friesian Cow lifespan

20 years

Holstein Friesian Cow price

$1,500 to $2,100

7. American Milking Devon Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

The American Milking Devon is a breed with three purposes that is that is used for beef, milking, and draft. The breed was developed from Southern England and brought to the western part of America during the 17th century.

It is the American Milking Devon is the oldest breed of beef cattle. It is a red breed. American Milking Devon is red. The shade is varied with a deep deep red or an ethereal red or chestnut hue. The breed is medium-sized The cow has a lively elegant and has a docile and docile.

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The weight of a bull is approximately 700 kilograms and the cows are around 500kgs. It is the American Milking Devon is popular for its high fertility, ease of calves, gentle, hot weather tolerance, and is able to adapt to high temperatures in any climate.

Its fertility in the American Milking Devon depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment. It is excellent for the production of meat, extremely sturdy, durable, great to produce milk and great for draught use.

The capacity for milk production is excellent and, if you are using a pure herd, the average production of milk is approximately 5000 Liters, based on about 23-23 litres a day. The fat content of milk is the level of Jersey breed and is between 4.5 to 5.0 percent.

American Milking Devon Cow We

500 to 700 kilograms

American Milking Devon Cow Height

4 feet

American Milking Devon Cow origin

United States

American Milking Devon Cow milk production

5000 liters of milk per lactation

American Milking Devon Cow lifespan

10 to 18 years

American Milking Devon Cow price

$1000 to $1500

8. Normandy Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

The dairy breed of cattle Normandy was born within North-Western France. Normande Cattle Normande Cattle is a popular breed of cattle that is dual-purpose. The cow produces premium milk and produces the highest quality cheeses in the world that is made from this milk premium.

The color of the Normandy breed is black or brown pied. Sometimes, its large areas of brown hairs appear like the stripes of a tiger. The breed ranges from medium to large in size with a weight of 700 kg and bulls weigh 1100kg.

They are easily handled due to their docile, hardy and calm nature. The cow can produce 6000 liters of milk per lactation, and the average daily production of milk is around 20 liters. The milk is rich in proportion of protein as well as butterfat.

Normandy Cow Weight

500 to 700 kilograms

Normandy Cow Height

144 cm

Normandy Cow origin


Normandy Cow milk production

6000 liters of milk per lactation

Normandy Cow lifespan

15 – 20 years

Normandy Cow price

$1,500 to $2,100

9. Norwegian Red Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

A dairy cow breed called Norwegian Red originated in Norway and is a popular breed utilized for milk production and meat production. The cattle range from medium to large, the coat colors are red or pied. They are also white and red, and the black and white coloration.

It is believed that the Norwegian cattle breed has a longer life span due to their ability to resist disease is extremely high and can be found in every climate. Bulls’ average weight is 1300 kilograms and that of cows is 600 kilograms.

This Norwegian breed has a great milk-producing cow, and they produce approximately 10000 liters of milk during lactation. The most prolific production of milk during the lactation period was around 16000 liters and the milk is high-quality ingredients.

Norwegian Red Cow Weight

500 to 700 kilograms

Norwegian Red Cow Height

140 cm

Norwegian Red Cow origin


Norwegian Red Cow milk production

16000 liters of milk per lactation

Norwegian Red Cow lifespan

4 ft 5 in

Norwegian Red Cow price

$1,500 to $2,100

10. Red and White Holstein Cow (Dairy Cattle Breeds)

Breed Red as well as White Holstein cattle originated in the US in addition, Canada is a dual-purpose breed that is used for meat and milk production. The cattle are an all-white coat that is black with patches sometimes both white and red.

The cow’s weight ranges from 600 to 700 kg, while its weight can be higher than that of the cow’s. They are among the most sought-after breeds of dairy cattle in the world because of their ability to adapt to all kinds of environments and their high milk production.

Red and White Holstein Cow Weight

500 to 700 kilograms

Red and White Holstein Cow Height

58 inches

Red and White Holstein Cow origin


Red and White Holstein Cow production

12000 liters of milk per lactation

Red and White Holstein Cow lifespan

20 years

Red and White Holstein Cow price


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