Top 10 Most Haunted Places in New England

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in New England

1. America’s Stonehenge

All over the area, you will find interesting tourist destinations. The roadside anomalies of Salem, New Hampshire consist of 30 acres of stone structures as well as massive rock formations said to date back to four thousand years. The question of who built these structures and for what purpose are an open question The area is believed to be home to shifting ghosts.

Many have suggested that the rocks found in the area could change in the form of spirits from Native Americans and other people.

2. Blood Cemetery

Cemeteries are said to be the most popular haunted sites for ghosts. The cemetery is located within Hollis, New Hampshire, the cemetery’s actual name actually is Pine Hill. It was given the name “Blood Cemetery” and not because of any reason that is creepy, but because of the prominent family in the cemetery.

Numerous ghosts have been reported to be residing in this area. Many paranormal researchers have been to this area and recorded voices in recordings as well as strange oddities in photographs.

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3. College Hall

Higher education can open minds, yet it can also make you scared. Vermont College of Fine Arts located in Montpelier began as an institution of higher education in 1831, before becoming an institution in 1941.

The most haunted area within the college is College Hall, which is believed to be haunted an individual who could have been killed there. She is often performing the pipe organ at the chapel.

4. Elder Ballou Cemeter

In Cumberland, Rhode Island, the cemetery is among the most spooky with its crypts and ancient tombstones. It was once home to a religious meeting place.

The cemetery has since been extensively damaged. However, every form of supernatural activity has been reported. The voices have been heard as well as shadowy figures observed, and UFO’s have been observed in the vicinity of the field.

5. Rutland Prison Camp

Abandon sites can be scary, and this former prison camp isn’t any exception.

It was established in 1903 and was shut down in 1934, with just some structures remaining such as the underground root cellar, as well as the solitary confinement. At night, the place is often spooky and filled with strange sounds and spooky shadows that move. One ghost is believed that it is the wife of the former warden , who is seen roaming about near the ruin of the warden’s house.

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6. SK Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion

Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, as well as My Ghost Stories have all featured this mansion in 1875 within Gardner, Massachusetts.

It was at one time the crown jewel of the millionaire SK Pierce, but time has caused damage to the property. There are rumours that many spirits be haunting this mansion. Some are of them friendly, but others not so too. Kids have also been observed playing around, and furniture on the upper floors has been changed. The activities have become so savage that the present owners can have decided to move out.

7. The Captain Grant’s 1754

There are numerous haunted bed and breakfast establishments across the USA and this one located in Preston, Connecticut is no exception. It is named after Lieutenant William Grant, who lived in the area together with his spouse Mercy The inn is believed to be home to several spirits.

Its Adelaide room is thought to have the highest activity where keys are moved and footsteps heard. The area was used in the paranormal program, Psychic Kids.

8. The Lizzie Borden House

On the 4th of August, 1892, this home located in Fall River, Massachusetts was the scene of two brutal murders committed by Abby as well as Andrew Borden that captivated the nation.

Andrew’s child, Lizzie, was charged but was later cleared in the case of murder. Her home now functions as an inn and breakfast establishment that is considered to be New England’s most well-known haunted place. Visitors have claimed to have seen a woman lying on the edge of their beds, and other have been had their hands touched. The location has been featured on several television shows, and is now an essential stop for those seeking ghosts.

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9. The Paine House

Colonial America remains strong throughout New England, both in terms of its architecture as well as the spirits that continue to wander about. The house was built in 1740 under the direction of Francis Brayton, the house is today a museum and historical society located in Coventry, Rhode Island.

The most energetic spirit is the young girl. Investigative investigations have recorded EVPs and strangle-related events on video, like the motion of a rocking chair on its own.

10. The Sterling Opera House

From speeches to music The Sterling Opera House in Derby, Connecticut hosted various class shows, such as those that of Bob Hope, Amelia Earhart as well as Harry Houdini. The building was built in 1889.

structure is currently home to a variety of ghosts. One ghost being a small boy known as Andy. The spirit is said to move objects like balls, through the stage. The location made the cut on tv series Ghost Hunters.

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