Is Joel Osteen Divorced? A Look Into Married Life Of America Pastor

Every relationship is characterized by an underlying sense of joy as well as comfort and love but also the burden of responsibility and problems. Similar is the situation when it comes to marriage. The marriage of a husband and wife is among the most significant relationships that can be found in the life of any person. It provides an unconditional support system on which the other person can rely on without hesitation. Life partners are an ongoing source of joy and the person with whom we discuss our sorrows and struggles. However, it also comes with difficulties and obligations. Each partner is dependent on the responsible for everything that happens in the life of the other partner. The relationship is one that requires sacrifice and sacrifice from both partners. These types of relationships function in two ways, and if just one person is making the effort, the relationship is likely to fall out. For public figures and celebrities, dealing with this kind of relationship is more difficult due to the their lack of privacy and the chances to be cheating in the glam world that they live in. The article we’ll examine the married life of one of these public figure, whose name is Joel Osteen. In the following article about how he was able to keep a good marriage with his wife over an extended period of time.

Who Is Joel Osteen?

Joel Scott Osteen belongs to a family of pastors He was born the 5th of March 1963. Scott is also a pastor, and frequently appears on the air to talk about his views with the general public and to spread Christianity. Scott is an also an author, and wrote numerous books on religion and different ways of living. Scott has a weekly audience of 10 million viewers throughout America. United State of America and millions of viewers worldwide via his sermons broadcast on Television.

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Joel Osteen Career

Osteen is a member of a pastor’s family and runs the family church known as Lakewood Church. Joel gave his inaugural sermon at the church on 17th January 1999. Joel assumed the leadership of the church’s senior pastor on the 3rd October of that same year. Joel began preaching on Television and has since accumulated millions of viewers every week through his sermons.

Victoria Osteen – Joel Osteen Wife

Victoria was also a person with an fascination with religion since her youth, since she attended religious services regularly. The parents of Victoria were involved in church activities and encouraged her to becoming a practicing Christian.

How Joel Osteen And Victoria Met?

In an interview, they revealed that they first began to meet in the year Joel Osteen came to Victoria’s mother’s jewelry shop to have the battery of his watch that was broken repaired. The two formed an excellent bond as years passed by until they finally were able to decide to get married. They didn’t want an unmarried relationship as they both came from religious backgrounds and decided to get married immediately.

Joel Osteen Married Life

Victoria and Joel have decided to get married and were married in April 1987. The ceremony was held in the church of their family in Lakewood. After their marriage, Victoria also started working at the church to assist Joel. She frequently sings in the choir alongside her husband and oversees church events together with Joel. They have two children together. Victoria was the mother of a beautiful boy as well as an adorable girl. Based on their interviews, they say their son assists them in managing their church family.

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Joel’s Divorce Rumors

Since Joel and Victoria both are prominent personalities and are famous for their sermons on television They attracted the attention of a lot of people as well as the media. Rumors began to circulate about them and they became involved in numerous controversy. One of the rumors about their divorce was widely circulated in the media, and everyone was wondering whether the beautiful couple really was separated or was not.

Is Joel Osteen Divorced?

Joel and Victoria have been married for over 30 years. They share an amazing bond that is unbreakable. They cherish each other and have always stood by each other through every challenge. Joel always stands by Victoria and assists her in growing in every aspect of her life. The allegations about their divorce were fake and nobody believed them because everyone knew the relationship Victoria and Joel have in common. To answer your question, Joel Osteen is not divorced. He lives a blissfully married life with the love in his heart Victoria Osteen.

Peculiar Facts About Their Marriage

Joel and Victoria have a wonderful relationship and admire their relationship a lot. However, there are some interesting aspects about their relationship they discussed on the phone. They revealed in an interview that. He adheres to an Billy Graham Rule within his daily life. Billy served as a minister,, and as per his rules, that a man shouldn’t be in a relationship with a woman apart from his wife.

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Joel is a firm believer of this principle and is averse to private conversations with women who are not his. He believes that wives should look attractive to impress their spouses. Joel said during the interview that in order to keep the fire burning within the marriage, wives should dress up for her husband to maintain the romance. The couple also shared that their children went off to pursue other career options and also to study in Universities.

However, their son has come back with them at the church. Joel has also revealed to the reporter the interviewer that Victoria is still awestruck by her and that she is in love with him as she did on the very first day they started dating. Joel added that she does not argue with his wife, and they have always respected each other’s views. According to them, respect and compromise are essential to a good relationships. Both of them have a strong conviction that both parents should be present for the education of their child.

Parents who are not together can affect the mental well-being of children. Joel and Victoria provide us with couple goals and the bond they have can serve as a model for all young couples. It is possible to learn from their experience to have a happy marriage. After 30 years of marriage, they are still in love, and most importantly , they cherish one another. Thus, Joel Osteen is not divorced, and the rumors are totally false. He is living a blissfully happy life with his love of life.

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