List of Shortcut Keys in Windows

Hello guys. Back again with me, in this post I will discuss about the Shortcut Buttons in Windows. Are you one of the users of this OS? if so, you should know about the Shortcut in Windows.

There are lots of Windows features provided by Microsoft to pamper its users, starting from the Cortana feature, Microsoft Edge and many other new features available on Windows. Of the several features above, Windows is also equipped with shortcuts that will make it easier to use Windows.

Curious? just take a look at the list of shortcuts that are often used in Windows below:

Common Windows Shortcuts
The following are common Windows Shortcuts that you can use:

  • Windows Key: To open the start menu
  • Windows Key + Q : Do search and Cortana with voice commands
  • Windows Key+ S : Perform search and contana with keyboard input
  • Windows Key + I : Open settings
  • Windows Key + A : Action center
  • Windows Key + L : lock windows and switch to lock screen
  • Windows Key + H : share content
  • Windows Key + K : connects with wireless display and audio devices
  • Windows Key + X : open power user
  • Windows Key + G: opens the game bar which functions to take pictures or record videos
  • Windows Key + D : displays the desktop
  • Windows Key + E : open file explorer
  • Windows Key + Space : change the keyboard language
  • Windows Key + R : opens windows run
  • Windows Key + P : access the projector screen menu
  • Alt + F4 : to close the currently active window

Windows shortcut for task view

The task view in this window presents a view similar to Mission control on Mac OS along with a list of shortcuts:

Windows Key + Tab : opens task view and displays all open windows
Alt + Tab : Move through the active window

Windows shortcuts in File Explorer

Even though some shortcuts already exist in previous versions of Windows, there are new shortcuts added to Windows, including:

  • Win + E : open file explorer
  • Esc : cancels a file operation
  • F2 : rename
  • F2 + Tab : fast rename
  • F4 : Opens the drop down address bar
  • F5 : refresh
  • F10 : displays the menu bar
  • F11 : Makes the window fullscreen
  • Home : to the beginning of a file or document
  • End : to the end of a file or document
  • Del : delete files or folders
  • Shift + Del : delete files without moving them to the recycle bin
  • Enter : open a file or folder
  • Ctrl + X : cut or cut a file or folder
  • Ctrl + C : copy
  • Ctrl + V : paste
  • Ctrl + Z : undo
  • Ctrl + Y : redo
  • Ctrl + A : select all files or all folders
  • Crtl + N : opens a new explorer window
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : create a new folder

Well, that was the list of shortcuts that are often used in operating the Windows Operating System. Actually there are many other shortcuts that exist on windows, but their existence is still very rarely used in operating windows.

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