Top 10 Best Machine Guns in the World

War is the science or destruction. It is the counteractive maneuver behind enemy lines. The ancient art, War, is based on the use intelligent and strategically placed leverage. Every reaction to an action has a consequence. In the past, soldiers and battalions would have used hand-crafted spears to attack their enemy in battle. 

The world has made tremendous strides in weaponry. The Gun Revolution in the World continues to grow louder, bigger and more destructive each decade. Let us concentrate on the machine guns which make artillery revolutionized.

1. M4 Carbine Commando with M203 Grenade Launcher

The world’s most powerful machine guns can do more than it was designed to. A semi-automatic weapon’s purpose is to only contribute to or aid in the greater destruction that licensed, authorized and issued users of this powerful artillery are able to achieve for their purposes. 

The M4 Carbine Commando can be pictured as a mercenary such as Chuck Norris in the movie Missing in Action. He is holding the gun and ready to trailblaze a path of explosions through the air, shooting fireballs into the air. You are correct. It is a heavy machine. 

The M4 Carbine Commando weapon is recommended by the United States Defense Force. It’s manufactured to Military specifications and used by United States Armed forces. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features that make this machine gun a world-class machine gun. 

This steaming hot weapon is not only a top-rated Military standard-grade secondary assault rifle, but it also has the unique feature of being built to carry its very own backup unit in case of a prolonged run of machine firing power. The M203 underbar-mounted grenade gun launcher is the backup unit. 

The M203 alone is a huge advantage for every United States soldier. It almost feels like you have a ten member squad that’s ready to deploy. The M203 Grenade Launching Capability of the M4 Carbine Rifle certainly makes it one of America’s most advanced counteractive medium. 

It’s amazing to have the convenience of an M203 attachment for your M4 because it eliminates the need to reach down for your grenade in a hostile gunfire situation. In a split second, someone could lose their life. That is exactly why the M203 Grenade rocket attachment to your M4 takes the award to victory.

You just need to push one button while holding your M4 in order to disperse a 40MM high explosive weapon grenade. The machine monster gun’s grade has not been determined by military standards. But it sure has an ace card to its name, unlike other guns that were given to enemy troops. 

The outstanding reputation it has for 21st Century weaponry advances and intelligence tells us that it packs a lot of heat. These guns are not capable of producing the same reliability, performance or efficiency as this machine monster gun. 

It delivers on its intended purpose. This is to provide the United States Military service with superior combat capabilities and the ability to develop power weapons that are competitive.

2. Kalashnikov (Commonly known as AK-47)

We see the gun, so we run. The gun is mentioned to us, and we feel a chill in our spines. Imagine how terrifying it would be to be held in extreme hostage situations by one of these. The AK-47 was a well-known weapon that terrorists use.

A majority of famous terrorists around the world have made it a rule to own one. It is called “Avtomat Kalashniknova” in Soviet documents. This is a machinegun, but it’s still one of the most accessible and easily accessible secondary weapons on the Black Markets. 

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There is a strong African legend about the AK-47 being used in Africa by many locals, since it is so cheap to make. The popularity of AK-47 in Soviet and Russian military armies, and among members of Arab or African countries can make it one the world’s top machine guns. It was also a very popular weaponry issue in 1947. 

Another group of terrorists and rebels who are most well-known and deadly in the world, has commanded many wars and attacks and won. Osama B. Laden, the evil genius behind the AK-47 is known for being the exclusive machine gun of their attack.

This man, who was dubbed the “impossible-to-catch”, mega-mastermind and leader in the infamous aL – QAEDA or Saddam Hussein, is one of those men with “the Golden Gun” since a AK-47 made of gold has been found amongst his treasured collection of golden guns. 

Russia released a documentary that claimed that some African nations give the name Kalash to their children because it’s a nickname to Kalashnikov. It’s a tremendous honor to be named for an AK-47. An estimated 100 million AK-47s have been produced worldwide.

Not only are these legal patented and produced but also illegally produced by gun enthusiasts. There are many notable, reputable, and top-of-the-line machine guns out there, but the AK-47 appears to be the most popular. This is because of the large quantity that’s been discovered and confiscated from government authorities. 

Reliability has been the hallmark of the AK-47’s fame. This is due to its extraordinary ability to fire exactly the way it was intended, even if it is dragged through mud or dipped with water. It is one of the top machine guns in the World.

Its 4.78 Kg weight by one man makes it one of the most portable. But it still can pump 600 rounds per minutes. World flags are meant to be peaceful. But Mozambique believes otherwise. The country is the first and only one that has a black silhouette AK-47 and a Hoe intercrossed on its flag. 

This should tell you a lot about the international phenomenon and remarkable AK-47 Kalashnikov. You can draw a conclusion based upon the above facts as well as the numerous milestones that Kalashnikov’s name has represented from its inception to the present.

And we can confirm this thanks to yet another contributing fact. The AK-47 is the world’s greatest machine gun. In fact, even the GUINESS BOOK WORLD RECORDS gave it the honorable historical place for being “The commonest weapon the universe has ever known”.

3. M24E6 Machine gun

This is another machine gun that is well-known and used primarily for the United States Marine Corps. The gun is famous for having the same ground tripod/bipod ability as M60. However, the gun’s weight is smaller and makes it easier to transport. Many top machine guns have been reduced in size and modified over the years. 

The M24E6, one notable example of improvements in weaponry, is light and stable. Mounted stability can change positions easily from one vantage point or another without the need for pods. Additionally, it is lighter and easier to carry. 

The M24E6 also proved to be more reliable, have a higher rate firing per minute, and more durable than the M60. The M240 has many notable features, including the ergonomically designed carrying handles and the durable titanium steel used for production. 

The greatest advantage of titanium is its ability to prevent rust entering the firearm’s useful and important parts. This makes the machine gun more durable than it should be. Rust is what causes jamming, barrel displacement and other problems in guns today.

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4. FN F2000 Assault Rifle

Gun enthusiasts consider the FN2000 to be “The next generation weapon system” due to its futuristic design. The F2000’s distinctive weaponry design is a major selling point. The gun’s appearance is more than just a visual feature. It plays a significant role in the accuracy and handling of the weapon. 

The beauty of its handling is that it is made with polymers. It is much lighter than full-metal and alloy heavy machine guns. The FN F2000 works well for both left-handed, and right-handed persons.

It can also accommodate all types. The combination weapon systems intelligence and FN F2000’s design are revolutionary. It is the hand-held, machine gun most requested by the army. 

This idea of a weapon that can adapt to different missions is going be key to the success of future wars. It’s the reason we owe so much to the design of FN F2000.

5. M60 GPMG

M60 GPMG – just the mention of this machine guns name can create a’sophisticated feeling’ and intimidate someone. Because the Mortar is just as sophisticated in sound, appearance and feel as it feels. From its inception, the M60 was the preferred gun and recommendation of the United States Army. 

Despite the M60’s slow rate of firing attributes it has been reliable, trustworthy, and effective throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The M60’s ability to be carried and moved around is a plus. It can also be mounted on a tripod and fixed onto a heavy armored, military vehicle.

A dedicated gunman then controls the gunmen until it is destroyed by an enemy. The greatest advantage of this machinegun over the rest is the fact that it can continuously fire at approaching vehicles, people, and other threats at an unaffected rate.

This machine gun does not need to wait long for the cooldown to take effect like other mortar machine guns. This is dependent on the weather conditions but it has been shown by many soldiers to be capable of performing its duties of constant fixed-positioned fire for long sessions at once. 

The M60 is notable for its ability to feed belt ammunition. You don’t need to reload at all like other carry around and mountable machine guns. This allows you to shoot more, for longer periods of time, before reloading again. 

The M60 excels in its role as a firepower support system for bullet rain to infantry squads upon request during war. It’s almost a privilege to request God to rain bullets upon your enemy.

6. M1919 Browning

The 1919 portion of this timeless classic among the top machine guns should already reveal the year it was built. This is the grandfather in machine guns and classic weapons. It has been operational since 1919. 

The legendary chain belt bullet train stacks 400 to 600 rounds per minutes. There are many versions of this bullet feed, but the M1919 is one of the most iconic. It is also a true masterpiece in terms design and performance. 

As with other notable pod mounted machine guns the M1919 was widely known as being the frontline and partial sequel to World War II. The M1919’s original design has had a profound influence on the design for other noteworthy best machine guns such the M60. 

The Tommy gun brown varnished, wooden handle of M1919 Browning is what makes it unique and revolutionary. Apart from its fire rate, which is constant thanks to the use a chain belt ammunition supply system, the gun is unique in that it can fire at a consistent rate.

This feed system is used by modern mountable and pod rested guns. The gun’s water cooling system prevented it from heating up and slowed down the rate it burned while still allowing the gun to pump as much as it was manufactured to do and perform exceptionally well throughout its life.

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7. M2 Browning

The John Browning collection has a remarkable gun called the M2. It is quite respectable as the M2 has been used to fight in some of the most significant wars of all time, such as World War II (Korea), Vietnam War (Vietnam), and many other wars.

There are many machine guns out there that can be chain-fed and operated. However, the M2 Browning differs from the rest. It is a heavy-fire weapon, meaning it cannot fire more that 75 rounds. This causes it to damage the barrel and eventually destroy it. 

Although it is heavier and doesn’t push as much firepower as others, the Browning machinegun collection still has it. Many gun collectors yearn to own one. 

We can easily classify it among the best machine guns, because it has stood the test of its time and helped soldiers of around fifteen countsed official wars. There are likely other uses, and events that the M2 could have helped with. It remains a mystery in history.

8. Heckler & Koch UMP

The versatility and portability of the UMP are amazing. The gun’s construction is made from a strong, yet lightweight material. The submachine gun falls under the same firepower category as the rest of machine guns. 

The UMP.40 Caliber &.45 Caliber makes a great tactical primary weapon for Special Forces staff or personnel in common situations such as hostage situations and bank robberies. 

Heckler UMP tends to be the preferred weapon of S.W.A.T. Many S.W.A.T personnel can see using UMPs and find it fits their style perfectly.

9. Ceska Zbrojovka Scorpion EV03

Do you find the name a little scary? CZ EVO3 also known as Ceska Zbrojovka (in the United States), is another submachine pistol that falls under the same family as the machine guns.

The Ceska Zbrojovka is lighter and slimmer than the other machines and is easy to hold and use. Overall, the metal is sleek and brushed and looks great. It was created to meet the needs and preferences of gun handlers. 

This gun is not recommended for those who are deployed in war zones. However, it would be a great choice for tactical forces, special units, and other light duty armoured force units. 

It’s still quite affordable, thanks to the fact that it has been optimized and refined for performance appeal. The CZ is large enough to not be underestimated. It has four aperture sizes that can be used for close ranges or far ranges, and an arm brace to increase stability. Overall, it’s a semi-automatic Submachine Gun.

10. Heckler & Koch MP5K

The initial concept of making a standard machine gun from delta force into a submachine gun came out of the desire to have the capabilities of a heavy machine, but the portability of hand guns. MP5K does exactly that.

Due to its compact size, it can be easily carried and used anywhere. There are more than 100 versions of the MP5 currently in existence. But there can only one MP5K to offer maximum performance, exceptional accuracy due to its re-inforced stainless steel grips that have been combined with other materials like rubber and polymer for a tight grasp within the hands. 

Heckler & Koch MP5 could be considered a standard submachine weapon with some heavy-duty capabilities. It is also highly valued by security agencies and military units worldwide. 

It’s almost like having a normal pistol in hand. However, it’s a submachine weapon with more attachments and features. This can prove to be very beneficial to many, as it can be disassembled for easy storage and then reassembled for a new use.

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