5 Tips for Mastering Mobile Legends, Mythic Jump

Mobile Legends, a MOBA game made by Moonton, is very popular in Indonesia. Lots of Top Global come from Indonesia, as an example from Team RRQ, Evos, Pandora and many other teams. Playing Mobile Legends is certainly quite fun to fill your free time. In addition to the fairly fast game mode, you can also practice strategy, concentration and other things.

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Those of you who already know how to play MOBA, of course, understand the basics of attacking, farming on the lane, doing ganks, and pushing to destroy the main objective.

For those of you who just want to try playing Mobile Legends. Here I will give some tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legends for beginners. To make you more GG read the following tips:

1. Adequate Internet Connection

Cara Mengatasi Gagal Masuk Di Game Mobile Legend

Internet connection is the main thing in playing this game. An unstable connection will make the game LAG and will certainly make your game less good. No need for a fast connection, the important thing is stable.

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Before starting the game, first make sure your internet connection is in good condition. This aims to avoid lag in the game. Lag in the game can make you AFK so that it will be troublesome for a teammate who is struggling.

2. Master a Minimum of Two More Heroes

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This is so that you have alternative heroes other than your favorite heroes. By mastering more than one hero, you won’t be overwhelmed if in draft or tournament mode, your favorite hero gets banned.

Some of the heroes that are suitable for beginners are

  • Layla
  • Mia
  • Alucard
  • Eudora
  • Rafaela

3. Proper Emblem Build and Set

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If you have mastered several heroes in Mobile Legends. You can set any build item according to the character of the hero. You can set it in the Preparation > Gear menu. If you feel confused about choosing Build Items, you can see from other top players.

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Emblems are no less important, Emblems are a kind of runes that you attach to heroes to help you in battle. Emblems may seem trivial in effect, but every increase in your hero’s status will be very helpful.

4. Don’t be blind to the map

The next tip is don’t be blind to the map, in the sense that you have to see the overall situation of the game so that the chances of winning are more open. Many of the new players only focus on one lane without looking at the other lanes through the map. This will definitely make your teammates upset.

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By looking at the map, there are several things you can find out

  • Estimated Enemy Presence
  • Lord
  • Turtles
  • Friend Location
  • Turrents
  • And much more

5. Frequent Viewing of Records

The last and not least is to view recordings from other players. Many of the Pro Players record their matches and upload them on YouTube. You can watch the tape and learn how they play.

Take various kinds of lessons from every game they play. Like the arrangement of Gear, Emblem and others.

Those are some tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legends for beginners that you can learn. One more thing that needs to be considered is to pay attention to the right playing time. The time that is usually suitable for playing Solo Rank is between 20:00 to 03:00.

For those of you who have various other tips, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments column. Thank you

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