Top 10 Most Advanced Robots in the World

Robots are the future of technology. Robotics technology is just starting to make its way into the workplace. There’s still a lot to do. Every day, companies are creating amazing robots with improved functions and learning from their mistakes.

Multitasking robots capable of replacing humans are still decades away. We have listed some of the most advanced and innovative robots ever created by humans.

1. Sophia

Sophia is the most advanced human robot ever created. Because it can express 50 facial expressions, Sophia is a real humanoid robot. Sophia was designed to be used for entertainment, education and research. It is used to educate people around the globe about the role of robots in our lives.

Sophia has been interviewed by many major TV news channels, including CNN, BBC, and others. With great honor, the Saudi Arabian Government granted Sophia citizenship in 2017. David Hanson designed Sophia to be an image of actress Audrey Hepburn. It is probably the most advanced robot on the planet.

2. Asimo

Because it is one of the most advanced human-robots ever created, the robot is often ranked second. The robot’s primary purpose is to assist people. Asimo is a robot ambassador who travels around the globe to make people aware of how robots can help them. It can run, dance and kick a soccer ball. Asimo stands for ‘Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility’. The robot can communicate in three languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese.

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3. Atlas

According to some companies, it is the most agile Humanoid ever created. Its dynamic body shape allows it to use all of its body skills to balance and move on different terrains.

Although the robot can perform many tasks, its favourites include running, jumping, and doing backflips. The robot’s advanced AI system allows it to sense obstacles and navigate through different terrains.

4. Aquanaut

Aquanaut robots can perform complex tasks underwater. It can travel in submarine mode at speeds of 200 km/h and can operate to depths of 300 meters. It uses advanced technology to inspect subsea oil and gas infrastructure. It can use tools to correct problems in certain parts and operate valves.

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5. Stuntronic

Walt Disney Imagineering created the Stuntronic Robots for entertainment. This animatronic Stunt robot can perform tricks such as twists and aerial flips. These robots use advanced technology with onboard sensors that track the right movements for flips, twists, and landing at the right time.

6. HRP-5P

The HRP-5P robot is the 5th generation in the HRP series. It can be used to handle large objects and tools on construction sites. It can handle complex tasks such as handling dry wall sheets, and other similar tasks.

7. Pepper

Pepper is the first social robot that can recognize faces and basic emotions, as well as understand languages. It can be used to interact with humans and show its words on the touch screen in his chest.

Pepper was asked by Mr. Masayoshi to explain some functions of SoftBank Ceo Pepper. Pepper responded “Masa”, because it is too embarrassing to show off. This could take over 100 hours.” It was a great moment for everyone.

8. Cassie

Cassie is the lower Digit version. It is a dynamic robot capable of running and walking just like animals and humans. Cassie is capable of walking in complex terrains and environments.

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Its advanced technology and sensors will allow it to aid in rescue and search operations. Cassie is named after the Australian bird Cassowary, which has legs similar to Cassie’s.

9. Digit

Digit is a humanoid robotic robot created by Agility Robotics, the United States. It moves in a different way than other robots. Digit was designed to perform complex tasks in difficult environments.

It can be used by companies to care for people at home, rescue them from danger and other tasks. Digit can lift 18kg, which makes it unique from other human robots.

10. Spot

Spot can be described as an animal robot, or a dog robot because it is very similar to a pet dog. Spot can roam around your home, office, or playground. Spot can do the same thing as a normal dog.

Spot can sense obstacles and lift packages, map your environment, and many other amazing functions. The spot is capable of operating in temperatures between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius. Spot can be walked backward downstairs, which is one of its most interesting features.

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