Recognize Various Kinds of Storage Media on Computers

Get to know the different types of storage media on computers. We will continue our study specifically for computer and network engineering material. This time we will learn about various types of storage media on computers.

Mengenal Macam-macam Media Penyimpanan Pada Komputer

The computer system has 4 main hardware components, namely CPU, Main Memory, Secondary Memory, and Input Output Devices. These four components must exist to run a computer device so that it can run properly.

One device that is experiencing very rapid changes is data storage media. Its important role is to regulate the running of a process and store data securely.

Then, what is the meaning of storage media?

Storage media is part of a computer that has work as a storage software and programs. Storage media is one of the peripherals used to back up software.

Storage media has the smallest unit, namely bits. The following is a description of the capacity of the storage media, including:

  1. Bit = 1 bit
  2. Nibble = 4 bits
  3. Bytes = 8 bits = 1 byte
  4. Kilobytes = 1000 bytes = 1 kb
  5. Megabytes = 1000000 bytes = 1 mb
  6. Gigabytes = 1000000000 bytes = 1 gb
  7. Terrabytes = 1000000000000 bytes = 1 tb

Storage media can be categorized into three types, namely:

1. Internal Memory

This type of memory can be accessed directly by the processor.

Mengenal Macam-macam Media Penyimpanan Pada Komputer

Based on the picture above, in implementing the memory system there are 3 important things, including:

  • The smaller the access time, the greater the price per bit
  • The bigger the capacity, the smaller the price per bit
  • The greater the capacity, the greater the access time

2. External Memory

This type of memory can be accessed by the processor via an I/O module. This type of memory can be divided into 3 types, namely:

Magnetic Disks

Magnetic Disk is a circular disk made of metal or plastic which is coated with a material that can be magnetized. Various media from Magnetic Disks are Diskettes, Harddisks, FlashDisks, Memory Cards, Zip Drives

Optical Discs

An optical disk is a medium that stores computer data that can be written to and read using a low-powered laser. Various kinds of Optical Disk are CD, CD-ROM, WORM, CD-RW, DVD.

3. Cloud Storage

This storage is online and does not use memory data capacity on the device because it uses storage available on the internet. The way it works is that we are required to upload a file and to get the data we have to download the file.

Examples of websites that provide Cloud Storage services are Google Drive, MediaFire, Mega, and many more.

Thus, our study about Getting to Know the Types of Storage Media on Computers can hopefully be your reference in starting to study in the Computer and Network Engineering major.

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