Six Cool Websites You Probably Don’t Know Existed

The Internet provides a treasure trove of fabulous websites. You can access countless sites on any topic you want to search for. Many people love to kill time on popular websites. You can also follow in their footsteps and learn How to win at pokies or see the top trending Netflix shows. But exploring google for some hidden gems is exciting.

I love to roam the Internet for attractive websites that are pleasing to visit and beneficial to the core. In the following article, I will introduce you to some convenient websites that will undoubtedly find their place in your daily searches after your first encounter.

Let’s start to dig in!

1. Oldgamesdownload

Are you a fan of early-age games? With the introduction of new Video and VR games, the older games have lost track in the abyss. Even if a match suddenly pops into your mind while feeling nostalgic, you let the feeling evaporate in thin air, thinking you won’t be able to enjoy that anymore. 

But that was when you didn’t know about this excellent website, ‘Old Games Download.’ This website has every PC game from the ’70s, ’80s,90’s, and early 2000s. You can find so many lost games you couldn’t imagine seeing again.

2. is entertaining if you want to go down the mysterious rabbit hole on youtube. It only plays videos with less than 100 views on youtube. The videos will shock you with the diversity of content you wouldn’t have imagined seeing on youtube. Usually, the content we see on youtube is those with thousands, millions, or even billions of views. But you can watch some interesting stuff through


Just The Recipe is good news for you if you love to try making new cuisines. When watching the videos for delicious recipes, you often have to skip now and then to eliminate the creator’s lifestyle or other additions. 

With, paste the URL to any recipe, click submit, and it’ll return JUST the recipe with ‘no ads, no life story of the writers, no nothing,’ Except the recipes. With the aid of this fantastic site, you don’t need to tire your thumbs to skip the fillers in videos when trying to learn a recipe. 


Music is unimaginably diverse. The genres you hear throughout Spotify while playing your favorite Online blackjack Aus are just a fraction of the pie. contains a very obscure subgenre of music known throughout history till today. You can find some great music that you have never heard before.


Registering on every website is frustrating when you are trying to fetch some information online. It is notably worse for the libraries where you must register to access the books. But you don’t have to go through this struggle with 

Through this website, you can borrow any book across a freaking wide range of different library systems without putting your name and email addresses down on every other page.


The world of the Internet and technology has limitless pros, but it doesn’t always ensure your safety. With many scammers and hackers roaming the online world, you can fall victim to their tactics. will aid you in dispelling the threats of your email breaches. It lets you see if your online accounts were released in a data breach. You can also get email alerts if you have been in violation.

A Quick Review

The Internet is packed with billions of websites. While visiting Google several times daily, you only engage in the popular websites; But some super cool websites are only known by some and still need to see the bright light of day. Spare a few minutes to go through some earlier mentioned websites that will entertain your interests and might teach you a few things while you are at it.

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