Top 10 Smallest Buildings Houses in the World

With the growing population every day, the amount of space for living is declining, and with this in mind, many people are choosing to build smaller houses with only enough space to live an ideal life. It’s not just for living in, smaller structures are constructed for different purposes as well.

Although there are many tiny houses and buildings, and you may have seen a few but there are some which are smaller than other. They are the reason they have an entry in the top 10 list of most tiny buildings/houses around the globe on which we’ll be able to learn today.

1. The Gap House in London

The Gap House is located in a conservation zone in the fashionable Bayswater. It’s situated in the middle of two buildings within the space of 23.3 meters. It is an excellent illustration of sustainable architecture in an urban area.

The result was that the cost of energy being around 30% lower than other homes in this size of floor. This home, while smaller than the others, features four bedrooms with a central staircase, an outdoor courtyard and is beautiful. Each of these homes/buildings are extremely small in terms of size. However, they are very functional, attractive and have caught the attention of a lot of people from all over the world.

2. The Ochopee Post Office in Florida

We all visit an Post Office. It is usually at least two to three times larger than our home or at times larger. But it is the Ochopee Post Office is different. The post office in the beginning and the general store were destroyed by an incident in 1953.

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Instead of rebuilding the building the small tomato plant’s pipeline shed in the area was purchased as the Post Office was built. It’s operational now and serves the town of 11 residents.

3. The Newby-McMahon Building in Texas

Wichita Falls, the town in Wichita Falls has become famous for being the tiniest building in the world, but it was never intended to be that in the first place. In 1919, J.D. McMahon was a property developer who convinced investors to invest $200,000 in order to construct a tower for them.

The investors failed to follow the plan in a proper manner which meant that instead of 480 feet impressive structure, the final result was a 480 inch of structure. When this was found out, McMahon was gone. After corruption charges were made against him, it was determined that McMahon was not guilty and that it is the shareholders who hadn’t examined the plans in a proper manner.

4. The Elementary School in Turin

It is possible that you have heard of single-room classrooms before However, you probably never ever heard of a single-room classroom that is just for one student. Yes it is true that such a school exists, it’s one such school is the Alpette Turin Elementary School, where there is only one pupil in the classroom, however there are 15 teachers to help her. What is not to love about this teacher-student ratio?

5. The Tiny House, Canada

A few houses don’t have an online presence and this adorable cottage-style home with an Octagonal windows has had a large fan base since it’s been put up for auction. It’s 14.3m wide and 2.1m wide and covers an 28.9m2 of floor space.

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Don’t let the dimensions fool you because it is equipped with modern day conveniences. It was constructed in 1912 and features modern kitchen and bathroom and an additional bedroom that has the option of a fold-down bed. It also has a great basement with high ceilings and parking for two cars.

6. The Prince Edward Island Library in Canada

Libraries are an essential part of modern societies cannot do without and it was essential in ancient times. As the number of patrons is increasing every day, libraries are also looking to expand in order to make enough space to accommodate the increasing number of readers.

In the meantime there are some libraries appearing in areas without traditional libraries. One of these small, or to say , the smallest library is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. It’s just 11.5 by 11.5 feet and contains almost 1800 books, and is run by a father as well as his daughters.

7. The Quay House in Wales

Its floor space is barely 3m x 1.8m and the height of just slightly more than 3 meters it is believed that it is the Quay home is among the tiniest home in Britain and is also a popular tourist attraction. Although the house doesn’t contain a toilet however, it’s an ideal house which was owned by a fisherman Robert Jones, who was 6 feet 3 inches tall.

8. The Flatiron Building in Portland

The shape is similar to that of NYC’s Flatiron building, this model is situated in the city center of Portland. It was built in 1916 and occupies less space than an acre land. For a long lengthy time, it was believed to be the tiniest commercial building on the West Coast.

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It is still an office building, even though it is protected with the National Register of Historic Places. It receives a touchup as well as an exterior paint job every few years , so that it looks new all the time.

9. The Riverside House in Japan

The Japanese people Japan are well-known for their ability to innovate micro-sized. They have also had to overcome obstacles that come with having the most expensive housing on this world. They are now looking for new ways to be accommodating with the old designs of building. Kyosho Jutaku, which translates to living in a shack is is the current trend is , but in a larger scale by constructing Micro Houses.

One such micro home can be found in Riverside House. It was designed by Riverside House that has been designed by Kengo Kuma an architect. It is smaller than the typical UK parking space, yet has enough space for two adults and a child. The structure rises over two floors and is lit by the natural light of day and provides great style and comfort.

10. The North Queensferry Lighthouse in Scotland

It is among the most compact structures anywhere in the globe. It’s a lighthouse situated in Scotland constructed in 1817 and stands only 11 feet tall. To climb to the highest point of the lighthouse from the ground level, the only thing you have to do is 24 steps.

When you get to the top level, you’ll find that the space is just big enough to hold two people, so you could just imagine how small it really is. It was actually an operational longhouse, it was used to assist boats as they traverse the waterway. It is now an attraction for tourists that is run by the North Queensferry Heritage Society.

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