Top 10 Unique Liquor Bottles in the World

1. Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka Crystal Head Vodka, manufactured by Globe fill Inc. in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada it is an unaddictive vodka that is packaged in an unmarked glass bottle distinctively shaped in the shape of a skull of a person with the closure made of wood, created by the artist John Alexander and manufactured by the glass manufacturer in Milan, Bruni Glass.

The vodka was created and developed by the actor Dan Aykroyd in 2007.

2. Khukri Rum

In celebration of the coronation of His Royal His Royal Highness Shri Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev in 1974, Coronation Khukri XXX Rum was launched. It’s the first bottle specially designed as the shape of a Nepalese dagger, or Khukri.

The rum itself is said to have an expression of the Taste of Himalayas, the bottle represents Nepalese tradition. The bottle is made by hand, one-by-one and comes with rough edges.

3. Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection

Bombay Sapphire is a 1978 Gin brand which is owned by Bacardi. The brand was launched in 2008 with a unique version dubbed”the Revelation Collection was launched in bottles of hand-cut crystal, adorned with sapphires and diamonds inspired by Karim Rashid.

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The proceeds from the sale are donated towards the Smile Train foundation. Jewel Line’s Precious Vodka bottle is similar to Revelation however, it’s considerably cheaper than Revelation.

4. Kalashnikov Vodka AK 47 Bottle

Kalashnikov is a well-known 1900-year-old Russian brand that is named for General Mikhail Kalashnikov and it has a limited edition that comes with a bottle that is shaped as Kalashnikov AK 47, produced in Glazov Distillery.

There are many different liquor bottles that are shaped as guns, and bringing something new to the concept of a shot, this one is unique by being delivered in the its original, cardboard Kalashnikov cover.

5. Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

The Jack Daniel’s whiskey comes in one special edition, dubbed”the Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Chess Set. It is an original and exclusive item. The pieces are intricately painted and sculpted, and are extremely interesting and unique, with Jack playing the role of King. The Pawns can be found in Black Label bottles.

The chess board is an extremely high-quality wood board quality and adorned with the company’s logo is used as a carry box for pieces.

6. Medea Vodka Programmable Liquor Bottle

Medea Vodka claims to have an old-fashioned method for making its vodka but many don’t like the flavor. But the bottles of Medea Custom LED Message Vodka are more appealing than the taste. There is nothing that screams “Party! ” More than a bottle that was programmable with a blue-purple LED sticker. With this, you can store up to six messages for the holidays that are each comprised of the length of 255 characters.

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7. Absolut Disco

Absolut is the third most popular vodka brand since the year 1879. Absolut has earned a reputation of selling its spirits with bottles imaginatively and ingenuously constructed.

One of the most creative bottles was its Absolut Disco, released in 2007 as part of the winter campaign. The gift box can be personalized, and the bottle can be hanged by its own loop, akin to an oversized mirror ball to set the mood for a celebration.

8. Bong Spirit Vodka

Bong Spirit Vodka Bong Spirit Vodka is a premium vodka brand, and, as the name implies it’s available in a bottle designed to look as the shape of a bong. It is produced through Bong Spirit Imports, LLC.

It was created in Holland and developed by the artist Jimi Beach in 2005. It’s considered an item that has the potential to redefine the art and spirit world. In addition, it’s possible to create a bong that is decent from it.

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9. Milagro Romance Tequila

Milagro is renowned for its the tequila it produces and its exquisite bottles. Its Milagro Romance Tequila is a unique tequila the form of a bottle that looks not only bizarre and stunning, but also offers an entirely new drinking experience. It’s a distinctive multi-chamber bottle. The inside suspended chambers that hold Anejo of mature years and the outside chamber is home to Reposado.

10. The End of History

The End of Times was manufactured by a Scottish brewery called Brew Dog established in 2007. The beer’s 55% abv gets their name from Francis Fukuyama, who called democracy the end of the political development, and thus the history. Also, this beer is the only high abv beer produced by Bew Dog located at the border of their boundaries.

The bottles were bizarre in stuffed stoats, squirrels or Hare. There is a myriad of unusual liquor bottles that catch an eye, and they are worthy of finding a spot in the collection of anyone who collects.

Although many seem odd some are stunning and will make the owner feel proud of them, since they look stunning inside the cabinet of the bar. The bottles actually are excellent at helping to offset the damaging effects of alcohol. And they are a convincing addition to the collections that many collectors.

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