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Apple keeps surprising users with cutting-edge technology and superior devices. Apart from bringing masterpieces to life in the hardware and software industry, Apple has removed the barriers. Earlier, the legacy of Apple was bound within the walls of only Apple devices. But, due to the trend of globalisation, Apple realised that it would be difficult for users to limit themselves within the boundaries of Apple only.

To make access to Apple services more feasible, Apple decided to offer support for other devices and platforms. Recently, Apple has announced that users can now access Apple ProRes and ProRAW format files on the Windows iCloud application. Thus, you can directly access your iCloud storage using a Windows device and download files with the format ProRAW and ProRes.

Well, there are other features and functionalities that Apple is offering its customers. As reported by MacRumors, Apple has currently updated the iCloud app for Windows. And, there are clear indications that Windows users can directly access ProRes and ProRAW format files. Let’s learn more about this.

, Windows iCloud App Gains Support for Apple ProRes and ProRAW Formats

Apple Updates Windows iCloud App for ProRes and ProRAW Format

It’s not a secret that Apple has launched compatible applications for diverse platforms lately. One of the most renowned applications is the iCloud application for Windows operating system.

According to the iPhone Repair Dubai professionals, adding the iCloud application to the Windows environment has benefitted countless users. It has reduced the stress of uploading and downloading files and other things.

For example, you can sync different content such as files, photos, passwords, calendars, contacts, and much more on your Windows device. Apart from this, you can access iCloud mail, iCloud passwords, and bookmarks with the help of the Windows iCloud application. So, you do not end up opening the iCloud account on their iPhones if they have the iCloud app on their Windows devices.

The latest version of the iCloud app for Windows will now be supporting the ProRes and ProRAW formats. And, we think that it’s a much-needed change in the history of iCloud updates for Windows devices. However, ProRAW and ProRes formats are the two latest features to enhance users’ photography and videography skills.

Now, Windows users can allow other users to add or remove people from a shared iCloud drive. You might be thinking that it might hamper the security of the shared file or iCloud drive. But, Apple won’t let you compromise with the security of the drive. Let’s see how Apple makes the difference through the same update for the iCloud application for Windows.

Password Generator and Sharing

Apple has added an in-built password generator for the iCloud app for Windows. In August 2021, the iCloud application came up with a password manager. It has become easy to keep track of your passwords and keep them secured from security threats. Well, that’s not all; users can experience the same level of security on Windows with the strong password generation feature from Apple.

You can utilise the features on any operating system of Apple, such as iOS and macOS, and it’s possible in Windows too. Users can easily sync their iCloud content with Windows devices. Additionally, they can share them and trust Apple security standards.

What is ProRAW Format?

Apple never fails to come up with the latest sensational features for the iPhone and amazing photography features. It never promises high on megapixels, but the upgrades to the photography lineup are remarkable on behalf of Apple. According to iPhone Repair Dubai experts, Apple included a new RAW photo format with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max series release.

The ProRAW format offers you a broad scope of personalisation of RAW format photos along with the computational photo smart technology from the iPhone. You can access the ProRAW feature by making a small change in the settings, and you can use the feature by default. If you acquire an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, then you head towards Settings.

After that, scroll down to Camera and tap on it. Choose Formats, and you can locate the Photo Capture section. Toggle on the Apple ProRAW mode. Get back to your Camera app and look for the RAW option from the upper-right portion of the screen. This will let you quickly switch between JPEG and ProRAW formats.

In addition to this, the ProRAW format works even in the Night mode. The format makes use of Adobe Digital Negative. Additionally, it bears information for 12-bit colour and the support for a dynamic range of 14 stops. And, they would consume space as they are large enough. On average, the ProRAW photographs can be about 25 megabytes.

What is ProRes Format?

Just like the inclusion of ProRAW in the Apple 12 Pro family, Apple has introduced the ProRes format with their latest Apple iPhone Pro series. Yes, Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max support ProRes, and it’s a huge advantage for those who depend a lot on mobile videography.

Similar to ProRAW, ProRes is meant for the editing of high-quality videos. If you are a video editor, you can convert your clips into ProRes formats using Apple Final Cut Pro.

Why should anyone record in ProRes? The most logical reason behind this is – your computer will get less occupied while working with ProRes video formats. As a result, you can achieve smoother edits compared to H.265 or H.264 formats on your smartphone cameras.

On the other hand, ProRes is the perfect combination of six-quality standards. Whether you are talking about space-saving or high-quality video, everything is possible with ProRes. Now, recording funny and engaging videos is just a click away with ProRes. And, the editing need not be expensive, either. You can access iMovie to get the best out of your editing skills and your iPhone’s photography features.

How to Install the iCloud Application for Windows?

Apple has made the iCloud app equipped for Windows devices. As a Windows user, you can easily access your photos, files, emails, calendar events, and other data from an iCloud account without transferring them from one device to another. If you haven’t downloaded the iCloud application for Windows, then you should do it. Just make sure that your Windows device has the latest version of Windows 10 or Windows 11.

In addition to this, you have to keep your Apple ID and password ready. You can either go to the Apple website or land on the Microsoft Store. Look for the iCloud app for your Windows version and download it. After a successful installation, the application will ask for your Apple ID and password to verify your ownership. If you have covered two-factor authentication, you have to use your iOS device to allow access.


The best part of this iCloud app for Windows is that you can now access ProRAW and ProRes files on your Windows device. Additionally, you can sync all your iCloud content with your PC. Utilize the iCloud Keychain along with the help of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. So, download or update the iCloud app for Windows for the best services.

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